quarta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2013

Quarto e sala.Nossa Senhora de Copacabana 793.

Apartments for World Cup Season.
E mail: feriasnorj@gmail.com
WhatsApp:claro. 9 7608 1599.
vivo. 21 9 9922 1970   tim. 9 8393 8874.  
 Casa,21 2548 5139,sempre na parte da noite,20 hs. 

Great room apartment suite for the couple with balcony, looks well boulevard, complete with wifi, net, air conditioning, kitchen, next to the beach, 6 people fácil.Temos accommodate a double bed, double mattress and two mattresses, that does not mean quealugamos for 6 people, what we want is that all are well received by me and my team.
When we have many reservations made ​​in one apartment, try to make the best of us, relocating to other apartments that are on the same page, always giving security to the guests.
Copacabana is an upscale neighborhood where awake 24 hours a day and night, has market beside 24h banks, cinema, restaurants and alternative transport at the corner, not to mention the subway.
New Year, party over view of the world, let alone in our Carnival, the samba schools and blocks, are each best in the world who does not know the famous Banda de Ipanema, come and enjoy themselves. Caught all my guests after 22:00 hours, snake rate of 100 real taxi, just think this charge, total attendance at the exact moment you enter the rio de janeiro.
Do not miss this opportunity to experience the city's most coveted planet: Copacabana. 2013 will be a year of many attractions in Rio de Janeiro, the famous Rock In Rio Brazil | Rio de Janeiro - September 13 14 15 19 20 21 22, against youth between 23 and 28 July 2013. Shortly after New Year and Carnival is much excitement in one year alone, 2013, and come 2014.
All our apartment has a contract rate of light, gas and cleaning to maintain the level of gualidade, this is like in your own home. Daily to match.
Email: feriasnorj@gmail.com Isaac 21 9922 1970/8566 9919/8393 8874/7608 1599.


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vivo. 21 9 9922 1970 tim. 9 8393 8874 / claro. 9 7608 1599/Casa,21 2548 5139,sempre na parte da noite,20 hs.